With AffordAssist  
You don’t need a 5%, 10% or 20% deposit
You can buy with a Micro Deposit of as little as $5,000 
Invest with as little as 20k and receive 4% rental assurance for 2 years  


1 Zoe Pl, Mount Druitt NSW

How can you determine if the builder of the project you’re interest in has a reputation for delivering a quality product? One approach is to research who the industry trusts. This is why AffordAssist is excited to be partnering with T1 Constructions.


From day one, First Home Buyers have been able to enter the market sooner with a Micro Deposit of as little as $10,000. The more we assist, the more we grow. 


As we help more buyers achieve an early market entry, the news of our mission spreads and the network of property professionals who are keen to assist First Home Buyers continues to expand.


Hotel builder is constructing luxury apartments in a central location


Delivering sophisticated projects of exceptional quality, T1 Constructions is a trusted builder proudly associated with the Marriott and Sheraton Hotels. The construction of a great hotel must prove durable and reliable with a high level of use over the long term, while reflecting an insight into global design trends.


Assuring end-to-end quality control, T1 Construction uses concrete for internal and external walls, and skillfully manufactures select building elements in its own factory. The result is an affordable home that’s built better than most across Australia, one that you will be proud to sell or pass on when the time comes.


Now you can purchase your first home at Nº1 Zoe Luxury Apartments Mt Druitt, a building erected with construction principles of hotel-standard with project highlights that include:

Clean master workmanship assuring immediate visual appeal

Concrete external walls for aesthetic appeal and long-term durability

Concrete internal walls for increased strength and sound-proofing between apartments

Steel entry doors and aluminium window frames for heightened sound-proofing and security

Bathroom shower uses innovative pan instead of regular low-cost water proofing method

Ducted air conditioning and an impressive schedule of finishes

Select a floor plan that matches your lifestyle and move into your new home when the project is due to be completed in mid 2022. 

Studio from $315,000  

1 bed from $399,000  

2 bed from $499,000  

3 bed from $599,000 


Remember! If you are currently paying rent while saving towards your deposit…


You don’t need a 5%, 10% or 20% deposit

You can buy with a Micro Deposit of as little as $5,000

Are you ready to learn if you are eligible for AffordAssist?


You Don’t Need A 5%, 10% or 20% Deposit

If you are reading this, you are probably dreaming of buying your First Home. Do you find it challenging to save up for your deposit while you are paying rent? In the Australian housing market, this seems to be the only way to buy a house… We are here to help you with an alternative.

Call AffordAssist today, and we will DESIGN YOUR FAST-TRACK – for FREE and with no obligation – demonstrating your potential to buy your First Home sooner and begin your wealth creation journey.


We want to help you to get into the market sooner.


You can buy with as little as $10,000

Now that you know it is possible, you have a choice. You can continue to pay rent and wait for perfect conditions, or make a start today with what you have.

Starting to repay your First Home is a huge financial achievement, where your money starts to move in the right direction. You save years of rental payments and your confidence improves along with your future wealth.

Buying your First Home will be a life-changing experience.

Built to the highest standards


A Team Dedicated To Helping First Home Buyers

Run by an accomplished team with more than half a century of combined experience, T1 Constructions is a trusted builder embracing progress within the industry to deliver an exceptional build quality and the most sophisticated product. Comprising a collaborative group of passionate professionals with fresh ideas, the Sydney-based company has a strong corporate culture and a focus on innovation. T1 Constructions skillfully manufactures select building elements in its own factory, including prefabricated modular bathrooms and aluminum formwork, ensuring quality control and a unique market advantage. Every project is completed to the highest standards of construction, down to the finest detail.  

GLP is a multi-talented company with development and construction experience in the residential, commercial, hospitality and industrial fields. An obsession with excellence, meticulous attention to detail and a guarantee to never compromise on quality drive the team to deliver projects of the finest calibre. GLP’s reputable experts combine their considerable knowledge and insight to bring to life developments of enduring class and style, each adding a vibrant dimension to the communities they inhabit. The company is committed to progress, embracing new and revolutionary construction innovations to ensure it remains at the forefront of the industry.  

Home Buyer Program

At AffordAssist we believe that home ownership is a right not a privilege. AffordAssist is a corporate solution offered alongside government initiatives, with a single purpose – to increase First Home ownership in Australia. Using our expertise in property and finance, the team are helping to match Australia’s immense population of potential First Home Buyers with a home loan that meets their needs.


We hold two seminars per week to provide details on, the real estate market, lending options, the location, the builder, the building and the AffordAssist program. Seminar duration is around 45minutes. Refreshments provided. 


Wednesday: 6:30pm for a 7pm start
Saturday: 2pm for a 2:30pm start


Seminar room within the Good Luck Plaza, 4 Mount St, Mount Druitt NSW 2770  


Visit the Display, open 7 days 10am - 5pm | By appointment up to 9pm 

Good Luck Plaza, 4 Mount St, Mount Druitt NSW 2770


tel: 1800 961 108

intl: +61 410 510 997

e. [email protected]

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